about me

I’ve always had to do with music since I was a kid. I played the piano from five to ten years old, the drums from twelve years old.

After my second ever clubbing holiday, I decided to try DJ’ing for myself – and what I found in it is a joy I don’t want to miss any more.

Through my severe car crash 2016 I found a new gate into music, which is what I want to share with you.

about drive

Music is the only thing in the world that is flawless. It’s able to stimulate feelings, to tell stories in its own language. A language that enables communication without words, without false interpretations. It is understood by everybody, free of origin, education, religion and race.

It shows that we can live together – side by side – in peaceful unity – as we are all equal.

about sound quality

To enable the most immersive musical experience, quality is the key factor. My philosophy of doing everything to the max extends like this:

Own Tracks: 2304 kBit/s lossless AIFF, 24Bit/48kHz (gear limitation)

House, Tech House, Techno: 1411-2304 kBit/s lossless AIFF, 16-24Bit/44.1-48kHz (CD quality – gear limit)

About history in DJ'ing


While experiencing the freedom that Techno gave to me during new year’s I went out for more clubbing to make new experiences. I went for the most iconic clubs in Munich: Harry Klein, Rote Sonne and Blitz.

While my taste swung away from the commercialized Tech House my preferred labels were putting out, I got into more dark and moody stuff and found a lot of Techno that I never had heard of before aside from the spotlight artists that I really enjoyed. 

I invested into a Push 2 system by Ableton to take my productions to the next level and speed up my workflow for enhanced creative flow. I fell in love – not only with Techno but also for the first time with a person – which made me extend a lot of mixed and happy emotions through my creativity in music production. 

The product that came out of my DAW was finally music, music that told a story of a certain moment, music that was emotionally driven and unique. Not only was it a ‘product’ I was happy with, it was easy to reproduce, as melodic Techno became another way of telling stories for me.

The manifestation of this is the three track EP “Abode” released in summer.


After initially starting some bland Tech House music productions and trying to get my sound to a more and more professional level I faced severe troubles in my private life with finding a job and social acceptance. This translated into an EP with two titles “Happy Button” and “Keep On”.

With my music starting to be more expressive, I felt like I needed more stylizing and through that got to know my DAW a lot better. With my production skills increasing from track to track I got to a point where my music was reviewed as non-unique by a professional. I stopped releasing and started to evolve my sound with also finally getting a job and starting it a lot more moved in my life than what I was comfortable with.

Getting back into fitness and health optimization I realized that I’ve been sold once again to the money machine that Tech House had become. I questioned myself, my style, my whole artist personality and was tempted to just stop Jay Henrix as a project.

On the last day of the year one of the steps that I had held out to do was to finally go dancing to underground music in the city of Munich. I noticed how friendly everyone was – no bullying, no fighting – just smiles, dancing and having a good time to some dark and moody Techno.


I started producing in early 2017. My first ever completely self produced track “Las Puertas” released shortly after on nearly all major music platforms.

Not entirely convinced of that track I’ve produced further on – and made a couple of tracks that are way better produced than my first one, those will be released on my new sub-brand “Funky Degenerates”. Learning to produce my own tracks has always been something I wanted to be able to do. While DJ’ing has become almost like an extension of my body, I can’t say the same about music production.

I have started and ended a couple of mix series that I wanted to make for some time and started livestreaming once a week on facebook.


As my skills increased rapidly, the controller limited my abilities quickly.
This was when I upgraded my equipment to the CDJ/DJM combo as seen in my performances today. From there on I developed better beat-matching skills, learned about the importance of crowd reading, energy and the elements in a track while playing EDM and open format.

After the car crash EDM was not the same any more. During the time I was intubated in hospital all my favorite producers suddenly made Trap songs instead of the nice 4 on the floor base with awesome melodies and vocals and marketed that stuff like crazy. At that time I felt more or less dependent on truly good vibes, and through coincidence found all of my beloved house elements in a freshly released album on Beatport called “Toolroom Ibiza 2016”. I immediately fell in love with the music. Not only did it contain all of my beloved house elements that EDM was built on, but it also featured a wide variety of elements I’ve only known from playing Funk rhythms on the drums before.

That music expressed so much more of what I was looking for, so much more of what I needed to cure my pain and get back on my legs, surrounded by a world of positive people and DJ’s that were (and a lot of them still are) about full positivity, technical ability and sharing their passion, rather than selling it.

It was a music that I could finally not only express myself as the House loving DJ but also as the funky, groovy and swinging DJ that was always there before even starting EDM/open format DJ’ing.

In addition I was invited to play a birthday party after my crash. As usual I played a warm up and went into my beloved EDM music. As soon as I switched from EDM to the music I just discovered I got nothing but smiles. Everybody enjoyed themselves, the music took all of us. People who beforehand told me they only listen to either Pop, Metal, Hard Techno, etc. and had very strong opinions about their music all danced with me, everybody enjoyed themselves. This was when I experienced the love, the unity, the freedom that House music holds for everybody who has an open ear to just come, listen and enjoy themselves.

I was so fascinated by the phenomenon I experienced that I started researching and digging into the roots of House, Tech House and Techno. What I found was people doing what they loved on the island that my gate back into this music was named after – Toolroom Ibiza 2016.

To the end of 2016 I want to thank Carl Cox, Seth Troxler and Tony Andrews for sharing what they do with the world. They helped me to further understand the great effect that music can have on people as well as the importance of quality in music. Those guys are what got me removing my entire library, which I replaced exclusively with lossless music only that I personally love to play.


After returning from my second clubbing holiday I started DJ’ing on a small controller. This was one of the most fulfilling things at the time being and as I was a huge EDM fan at the time it wasn’t really learning how to DJ due to years of playing piano as a kid as well as later on playing drums for several years. Of course the first mixes weren’t glorious – but it was a very good starting point.